Forster CBD Parking Solutions

Council has worked extensively to improve the parking availability in Forster CBD.

We listened to the requirements of local businesses and developed a plan to match the turnover of parking spaces to your customers needs and to maximise the availability of car parking opportunities for both shoppers and workers.

The shortest time limits are in force closest to the shops and time limits increase with distance from the main street.

An electronic parking management system has been implemented by Council as a result of concerns by shoppers that parking time limits were not being enforced and this was resulting in a shortage of parking opportunities. The actual parking time limits were not altered. The system was implemented in December 2015 and has proven to be highly effective.

We were also able to re-purpose land adjacent to Wallis Street to substantially increase the availability of free all day parking in Forster CBD.

To clarify parking limits and availability in Forster CBD we have produced a map, which is available for download below.

The main ingredients of the Forster CBD parking time limit system are as follows:

  • Short term, 15 minute spaces along the southern side on Wharf Street to allow for quick targeted shopping such as banking, buying newspapers and so on.
  • One hour parking along the northern side of Wharf Street, in close proximity to the shops to provide for single destination shopping such as visiting one or two stores, having a coffee or quick meal
  • Two hour parking to allow for leisurely shopping along the length of the CBD precinct or having a longer meal break. This parking is generally one street back from the main street and the time limit allows for the time taken to walk through to the main street.
  • Longer term, all day parking is provided further from the main street and allows for lengthy visits to the shopping precinct to cater for the needs of workers or visitors with plenty of time to spare.
  • Parking bays for people with disabilities have been spread throughout the shopping precinct and are also shown on the map.
Forster CBD Parking map image