Kids and Teens

Our region is a great place to grow up, and as a Council we know that our kids and teenagers make an important contribution to the community we live in.

Great Lakes Council runs several projects just for kids and teens; you can see what's going on by checking out the info below.

Need help with a school project? Take a look at our "Study Mates" guides.

Don't forget to visit your local library too. There's always cool stuff to borrow and loads of activities to get involved with.

On this page:

Australia Day Schools e-Calendar Competition

Every year, as part of Our Australia Day celebrations, Council runs a competition for primary school kids across the Great Lakes.

The challenge is to produce some stunning artwork about a specific subject. This year the theme was: "Our rivers, lakes and ocean are special because…"

There was a record number of entries, thanks to 922 students who have sent us an entry, and to the following schools for participating:

Booral Public School, Bulahdelah Central School, Bungwahl Public School, Coolongolook Public School, Forster Public School, Holy Name School, Nabiac Public School, Pacific Palms Public School, Stroud Public School, Stroud Road Public School, Tea Gardens Public School, and Tuncurry Public School.

Some of our entries this year

Each participating school selected 14 finalists from their school, whose pictures were turned into a downloadable calendar and sent to their school.

We then chose the very best entries from all of the local schools to go into a Great Lakes regional e-calendar, which you can download below.

The winners are presented with awards during the Great Lakes Australia Day ceremony each year, and schools receive a book voucher for their Library.

Study Mates

Got some research to do? Study Mates information guides will help you find out about all kinds Council and Local Government related info.

Look out for the code for each study guide:

P - Primary School Level                S - Secondary School Level

Keep checking this page as we will be adding more Study Mates from time to time. 

If you can't find the right Study Mate for you, why not contact us?

 Local government in Australia  (P)


Study Mate 1 What is local government(PDF, 187KB)

Study Mate 2 How local councils operate(PDF, 259KB)

Study Mate 3 Delivering local services(PDF, 110KB)

Study Mate 4 Council Services 1 - infrastructure(PDF, 327KB)

Study Mate 5 Council Services 2 - enviro and planning(PDF, 201KB)

Study Mate 6 Council Services 3 - community(PDF, 205KB)

Activity Sheet - Council find-a-word(PDF, 50KB)  

 Great Lakes Region  (P / S)

 Study Mate 12 The Great Lakes overview(PDF, 114KB)

 Coastal Management  (S)

Study Mate 7 Smiths Lake opening(PDF, 139KB)

Study Mate 8 Coastal Erosion(PDF, 172KB)

Study Mate 9 Coastal Erosion: One Mile Beach(PDF, 213KB)

Study Mate 10 Coastal Erosion: Jimmys Beach(PDF, 195KB)

Study Mate 11 Coastal Processes: North One Mile Dune(PDF, 421KB)

 Biodiversity  (P / S)

Study Mate 16 Threatened animals of the Great Lakes(PDF, 905KB)

Make History Come Alive

Here's something else to help you with your school research…

ClickHistory is an online historical photo database. Find local photos from the past, and see what life used to be like in the Great Lakes. You may even see some pictures of your ancestors. Perhaps your parent or grandparent could help you put captions to some of the photos. Go to ClickHistory Great Lakes

Youth Week

What is Youth Week?

National Youth Week happens every April. It's a joint Australian Government, State, Territory and local Government project.

What's it for?

Youth Week provides a platform for young people aged 12 to 25 to let out your ideas and views. Talk about the stuff that matters. Act on the issues that affect your life. Plus, you can create and enjoy different types of entertainment. Youth Week is a way to get the wider community listening to young people, and celebrating the positive contribution and achievements of Youth!

Find out what happened during the last Youth Week by checking out and 

Work for Teenagers

Are you in Year 10, 11 or 12 and looking to get some valuable work experience that could really get you places?

Great Lakes Council offers work experience placements. Get in touch with our Human Resources team to see if we can help you out.

Alternatively, if you're over 16 and left school, take a look at our apprentice scheme. Great Lakes Council could be where you kick off your career.

Homebase Youth Service

Homebase is big on providing local kids and teenagers with an awesome range of services and activities in the Great Lakes area. Get in touch on 6555 5622 or visit for more information.

Sorting out Your Headspace

Are you worried about your mental health? What about your mates or family? Mental health problems can affect anyone, and growing up can be tough. Talking to someone about these problems can be the best way to tackle them.

There's loads of help available:

Headspace Mid-North Coast - They assist young people aged 12-25 who have emerging mental health and substance use issues. For more information visit or phone 02 6652 7379.

Youth Beyondblue - Is all about getting the message out there that it's okay to talk about depression, and to encourage young people and their family and friends to get help when it's needed. One in five young Australians experience depression each year, and more than half of those aren't getting the professional help they need to get through it. For more information go to or phone 1300 22 4636.

Kids and Teens with a Disability

We have a specialised team that knows just how to help. We give support and help, but we also know how to have fun. There are loads of activities and social events for children to get involved in:

  • Boys Group - Primary school aged boys get together every week for supervised fun and laughter.
  • Girls Group - A fun weekly experience for primary school aged girls.
  • Teens Group - Teenagers have a weekly opportunity to hang out and relax. 
  • One to One fun - We can help individuals build up a vibrant social life, learn skills or join in with activities that they enjoy.

To find out more contact our team on 1300 65 88 30 or visit our webpage