Did you know that all dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered by law? Your address details should also be kept up to date. Visit the registration page to find out more.

The proper management of Companion Animals is a big concern to the community. Responsible dog walkers should visit the Dogs in Public Places page to see a list of special dog walking areas.

We all love our pets, but we should be aware that they can cause a nuisance to others. See how to minimise the problem by looking at the Nuisance Animals page.

For a comprehensive guide to pet ownership in the Great Lakes, please refer to Council's Companion Animal Management Plan. Also see our brochure, Laws Affecting You and Your Pooch.

If you wish to adopt a dog please contact NSW Animal Welfare League on 0408 670 757.

Companion Animal Management Plan(PDF, 72KB)  Laws Affecting You and Your Pooch(PDF, 441KB)