Dogs In Public Spaces

Picking Up After Your Pet

Animal waste must be picked up in public areas.  Animal faeces pose a serious health threat to the community, and is also an environmental hazard.  Dog walkers are required to pick up after their pet. If you don't, you could receive a substantial fine.

Walking Your Dog  

Dogs need to be controlled at all times when in public- your dog must wear a collar and an identification tag.  Your dog should be well socialised and trained so it isn't aggressive and doesn't bark continually.

Dogs have to be on a leash and controlled by a responsible person in all public areas. You can walk your dog on a lead in all public areas unless it is specifically signposted that you can't. Dogs can also be let off the lead in the specially designated off-leash areas provided by Council. 

Off Leash Areas

Leash free zones allow dogs to exercise off the lead so they can 'burn off' excess energy in a safe environment without being a nuisance to the general public. They also provide an important socialisation experience with other dogs. By providing these opportunities, dogs are less likely to exhibit nuisance behaviour due to boredom and frustration when confined to their yard. The list below shows the leash free areas in the Great Lakes region. Please note that each area has specific leash free times and that dogs still need to be under effective control. Click on each location for full information.

Beaches - ON Leash

Dogs can be walked on leads only between 5am - 9am and 5pm - 8pm on the following beaches, and in the areas as displayed on the above map documents: 

  • Nine Mile Beach Tuncurry-north of the breakwall 
  • One Mile Beach Forster 
  • Boomerang Beach 
  • Sandbar Beach Smiths Lake 
  • Blueys Beach 
  • Bennetts Beach Hawks Nest 
  • Yaccaba

Beach Street Reserve Dog Agility Track

Great Lakes Council, together with Forster Tuncurry Lions Club and the Beach Street Volunteer Group, all worked together to build a Dog Agility Park at Beach Street Reserve, Tuncurry.  
Whilst dog agility is an actual sport, the park is for amateurs to provide mental simulation and activity for dogs.  The park consists of weave posts for slalom manoeuvres, tunnels, ramps and jumps where dogs can test each discipline and eventually race against owner and the clock.

Further Information

To learn more about restricted dog breeds, dogs in public places, offences, micro chipping and registration please refer to Council's brochure Laws Affecting You and Your Pooch.