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Vehicles on Beaches

Please refer to the Beach Vehicle Permit page on the Midcoast Council website for all Vehicles on Beaches information.

Weddings in Public Spaces

We live in a beautiful part of the world, perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Great Lakes Council is happy to permit wedding ceremonies on Council reserves and beaches. However, we are unable to allow wedding receptions.

There is no charge to use a Council reserve or beach for a wedding ceremony, but you will need to submit an application to use public land. We will also need the following additional information:

  • The approximate number of guests (so any parking issues can be sorted out).
  • Tell us about any special items you will be bringing to the ceremony (such as carpet, seating, tables, arches, flowers, etc.)

Other than at Pebbly Beach outdoor learning centre, we can't give exclusive use of public spaces, so it is requested there be no disturbance to other users. Rice or confetti is also not allowed on any reserve or beach.

For your information, the most popular wedding ceremony locations are:


  • Pebbly Beach outdoor learning centre
  • Second Head reserve
  • Pilot Hill
  • Forster boat harbour


  • Barry Stoneham park at the Rockpool

Hawks Nest:

  • Providence Bay
  • Hawks Nest surf club reserve
  • Jimmys Beach day area

Seal Rocks:

  • Boat Beach

You can search for any of our parks, public halls and community centres on our 'Find a Facility' page.

Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas

Drinking alcohol in public areas is directly linked with anti-social behaviour and crime. To help fight these problems, Great Lakes Council has set up Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas.

An Alcohol Prohibited Area bans alcohol between 8pm and 6am. This ban applies to all parks, beaches, reserves and ovals where indicated by signs.

In an Alcohol Free Zone, public drinking of alcohol is completely banned 24/7. Alcohol Free Zones currently exist in the following areas. Click on the location to view a detailed map:

The police may confiscate any alcohol in these areas, and further fines can be issued.

Alcohol ban on Australia Day (26 January):

Due to the increase in anti-social behaviour on Australia Day, Great Lakes Council has had to put in place 24 hour alcohol prohibited areas in the following locations;

  • John Holland Park        
  • Palmgrove Park & Collendina Park - One Mile Beach       
  • Tuncurry Rockpool Reserve

This means, alcohol cannot be consumed during the 24 hour period from midnight to midnight on the 26 January.  Police Officers will enforce the alcohol ban as required.


We all love a good busker don't we? Great Lakes Council allows busking in the CBD areas of Forster and Tuncurry. We have a busking policy which encourages busking by providing a simple process that supports performers and promotes activities in the Great Lakes region. Buskers will need a permit from Council before they perform.

To apply for a busking permit, please complete the attached application form and pay the appropriate application fee.  The busking licence will be valid for 12 months. Locations for busking need to be approved by Council a maximum of 12 weeks before the performance. Buskers under 12 years old need a parent present when the application is made to Council.

Street Stalls

Street stalls are permitted for charitable, benevolent or non-profit organisations.

A maximum of two street stalls per organisation per month is permitted in each shopping centre.  To keep things fair, applications can only be made up to three months in advance.

If you would like to make application for a street stall, please contact Council.  At the time of application, Council requests you provide a copy of your "Authority to Fundraise Certificate" issued by Charities NSW and a copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance. For further information please refer to Council's Street Stall Policy.

Mobility Map

The Forster Tuncurry Mobility Map shows the accessible features such as kerb ramps, parking spaces and amenities for people with disabilities, in and around areas of Forster and Tuncurry. 

Public Toilets

Public toilets are located throughout the Great Lakes area. See our facilities directory for information on Council facilities with public toilets. 

Further information about public toilet locations can be found on the National Public Toilet Map website.

Some of the amenities have 24-hour disability access using the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). To buy one of these keys, you simply need to complete an application form and pay the fee. You can also get the form from Council's Forster Administration Building, the District Offices at Stroud and Tea Gardens, and Forster Visitors Information Centre.

Accessible toilets fitted with the MLAK locks in the Great Lakes Council area are located at:

  • John Wright Park - Manning Street, Tuncurry
  • Pebbly Beach - Head Street, Forster
  • District Office - 245 Myall Street, Tea Gardens
  • Pacific Palms Tourist Information Centre - Boomerang Drive, Pacific Palms


Our region is blessed with a number of beautiful islands. Some of these are privately owned, while others are reserves with public access, amenities and picnic facilities.

We are dedicated to keeping the water in our lakes as clean as possible. To help with this, toilets have been installed on the following islands:

Long Island; Wallis Island; Miles Island; Leon Island; Regatta Island; Mather Island; Tern Island.

Some islands are also provided with picnic tables and are maintained regularly, including mowing, rubbish removal and toilet cleaning.  We ask that visitors to the islands take away their own litter and leave the picnic areas clean and tidy for other users.  Remember if you carried it in, please carry it out.

Memorial Benches

A report was presented to Council on 24 May requesting the memorial seat program be ceased.  This report was approved with the following recommendation adopted:

1.       Council close the program for private memorials on park furniture and cease to approve further applications.

2.       Rescind the Private Memorial on Parks Furniture Policy - PRK-009 (former Great Lakes Policy).

Find a Facility

If you are looking for information on any individual Council facility (including parks, pools, cemeteries, halls, boat ramps, toilets, beaches, etc) you can find them all on our searchable facilities directory.

Neighbourhood Noise

The best source of noise pollution information is the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The EPA shares responsibility for enforcing noise control regulations with local government, NSW Police and NSW Roads and Maritime Services. They have a good selection of information regarding neighbourhood noise and how to make a complaint on their website.

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