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Under NSW legislation (Government Information -(Public Access) - Act 2009 or GIPA Act), Great Lakes Council makes available a wide range of information to the public.

We currently publish a range of information on this website that is freely available to you.  If you require information that is not on this website, please contact us.  We will seek to ensure we handle your request promptly, and wherever possible, provide the information you require.  Sometimes we are unable to release information if it would breach someone's privacy or if it is not in the public interest.

Where possible we will make this information available without charge, but occasionally a fee may be payable under the Act for access and / or photocopying in some cases.  

All charges are detailed in Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 565KB).

More information is available from the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) website or by calling 1800 472 679.

On This Page:

Apply for Information

Follow these steps to obtain information from us:

1. Search our website to find the information.

Commonly requested information is listed further down this page.

If you cannot find the information on our website, you should go to step 2.

2. Contact our Customer Service Centre to discuss your request.

Our staff may provide you directly with the information you require. If not, they will recommend step 3 or 4 below.

3. Informal Information Access Request

You may need to complete an "Informal access to information request" form.  The information will be provided to you as soon as possible.

 We may advise you that you will need to make a formal request for access to information (Step 4).

4. Formal Information Access Request

If we cannot provide you with the information you require by any of the above methods, you may consider making a formal request for information. If a formal application for information is lodged under the GIPA Act, we must follow a process outlined under the Act in determining whether the information can be released. 

If you think you may need to make a formal application, please contact us for guidance first.

To make a formal request for information:

Complete the formal "Access Application" form. You will need to request this form from a member of our Customer Services team. An application fee of $30 is payable at the time of lodging the application and hourly processing charges may also be applicable  We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 working days. In some circumstances processing charges may also be applied.

We will make a decision about releasing the information you requested, and inform you of the decision, within 20 working days (we may extend the time by up to 15 working days where we need to consult with others before releasing information or if we need to retrieve records from archives).

If your formal application is deferred, we will notify you and advise of a date when you will be provided with the information.  You may request a review of our decision to defer your application.

If your formal application is refused, you may:

  • Apply to Council for an internal review. This is a review by someone more senior than the original decision maker and there is a $40 fee. Applicants have 20 working days from receiving notice of a decision to ask for an internal review by lodging an Internal Review Application Form with the required fee;
  • If you are not satisfied with the internal review, or do not want one, you can ask for a review by the NSW Information Commissioner. Applicants have 8 weeks from being notified of a decision to ask for this review.
  • If you are not satisfied with the decision of the NSW Information Commissioner or the internal reviewer, or if you do not want to take these options you can apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).  If you have already had a review by the Information Commissioner you have 4 weeks from notification of the decision to make this application (or 8 weeks if you have not previously requested this review). 

Public Information Documents

View our Agency Information Guide below.  This document outlines Council's structure, function, documents available and how you can participate in Council policy formulation.

 The Disclosure Log document lists Council information which has been made public following a formal GIPA determination.

 The Privacy Management Plan outlines how we meet our obligations to protect your personal information within privacy legislation.

View the Government Contracts Register below.  This register lists information about some contracts we have with private sector bodies.

  • Government Contracts Register (Document to be added soon).

Open Access Information

 Contact Council's Customer Service Centre for:

  • Annual Reports of bodies exercising delegated functions
  • Codes referred to in the Local Government Act
  • Returns: Interests of Councillors, Designated Persons and Delegates (Personal Information)
  • Departmental Reports under S433 of the Local Government Act
  • Land Register
  • Register of investments
  • Register of Delegations
  • Register of Graffiti Removal

Information about development applications

Contact Council's Customer Service Centre for:

  • Development Applications and associated documents (Personal Information) 
  • Records of decisions on Development Applications

Approvals, orders and other documents

Contact Council's Customer Service Centre for:

  • Applications for Approvals (and associated documents) under Chapter 7, Part 1 of the Local Government Act or other Acts and associated decisions (Personal Information)
  • Orders given under Chapter 7, Part 2 of the Local Government Act  and reasons given under S136 (Personal Information)
  • Orders given under the authority of any other Act (Personal Information)
  • Records of building certificates under the EP & A Act 
  • Plans of land proposed to be compulsorily acquired 
  • Compulsory acquisition notices
  • Leases and licences for use of public land classified as community land

Public Registers

Government Contracts Registers

We are required under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) to keep a register of contracts we have entered into with private sector bodies worth more than $150,000 (not including employment contracts).

Different information on contracts is included in the register depending on whether the contract is classified as a Class One, Two or Three Contract.

  • Council's Contracts Register
Register of Councillor Disclosure of Political Donations and Electoral Expenditure

You can view a list of all current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by Great Lakes Councillors with the Electoral Funding Authority (EFA) on the EFA Website. This website also provides information on Councillors' obligations under the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Act 1981.

Register of Record of Voting on Planning Matters

We are required to keep a public register which outlines how each Councillor votes (for or against) on each planning decision made at Council or Committee meetings. 

Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts Statements

A completed copy of the Political Donations Disclosures Form needs to be submitted together with any planning or development application, and with any submission regarding a planning application.

Community Satisfaction Surveys