Our Strategies

The NSW Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework requires all NSW councils to prepare a long term community strategic plan, four year delivery program and annual operational plan.  A resourcing strategy is also prepared to support the community's plan.

The framework opens the way for councils and their communities to have important discussions about funding priorities, service levels and preserving local identity.  This partnership assists councils in preparing plans that pursue a more sustainable future.

Great Lakes Council has endorsed the community strategic plan, Great Lakes 2030 and adopted supporting plans that outline how the outcomes will be achieved and the role of Council, the community and other agencies in this journey.

All of our Integrated Reporting plans and strategies are located here on this page.

On This Page:

Community Strategic Plan - Great Lakes 2030

Great Lakes 2030 is the community's plan for the future which we assist in preparing and monitoring.  Many agencies, groups, partners and the wider community play a role in delivering the plan. Key elements of the plan include:

  • 20 year timeframe;
  • overarching vision developed by the community;
  • defines Objectives and Strategies to achieve community goals;
  • reviewed each four years following the election of Councillors.

Delivery Program

This is the Councillors' commitment to delivering on the goals and objectives outlined by the community in Great Lakes 2030.  Key elements of the program include:

  • four year timeframe;
  • aligned with Council term of office;
  • sets out principal activities to be undertaken to deliver on Great Lakes 2030;
  • all plans, projects, activities and funding allocation must be linked to this Program.

Operational Plan

This is Council's annual plan which outlines the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken in a particular year and which will contribute to achieving the Delivery Program objectives.  Key elements of the plan are:

  • one year timeframe;
  • provides information on Council's activities, services and projects;
  • includes Council's Statement of Revenue Policy and estimated income and expenditure;
  • sets performance measures.

Resourcing Strategy

This is a suite of three documents that set out Council's ability to provide the resources - time, money, assets and people - to carry out the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and to achieve the community's long-term aspirations.  The Strategy focuses in detail on matters that are the responsibility of Council.  Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Long Term Financial Plan - 10 years;
  • Asset Management Strategy and Asset Management Plan 2013
  • Workforce Management Plan - 4 years.

Annual Report

This is a Report to the community on the progress made over each financial year period in implementing the Delivery Program and Operational Plan activities.

Other documents

Current Community Strategic Plan and Corporate Planning documents

Historical Plans and Strategies (including Annual Reports)

Annual Reports

Previous Plans

Financial and Asset Sustainability Status

Previous Studies Promoting Better Practice Review Report(PDF, 804KB)

Special Rate Variation Applications

Active Ageing Strategy

Towns and Villages - Community Strategic Plans

Several towns and villages within the Great Lakes have developed their own community strategic plan which provides a snapshot of their community, together with their vision and priority projects for the future.

These plans have not been developed by Great Lakes Council.  The information has provided valuable background to the development of Great Lakes 2030.

Council has appointed its first Community Engagement Officer, a new position in Council as of May 2015.

This officer will work closely with the local communities across the Great Lakes to assist them to develop their own vision for the future, and to align these strategies and plans to the the Great lakes Community Strategic Plan.