This page contains all of the major application forms you will require for your building or development project.

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138 Roads Activity / Hoarding Application

Any work to be undertaken within the public road reserve, including the footpath area, must be approved by Council prior to commencement. This also applies to works requiring a cherry picker to be located on the footpath or road. If you wish to erect a hoarding, you also need to use this form to apply for approval before starting the works.

Address Post Application - Rural

Council allocates property addresses according to the Australian / New Zealand Standard 4819:2003 - Geographical Information - Rural and Urban Addressing. A rural property address is a number based on the distance of the property's access point from the start of the road that leads to the property, and therefore indicates the location of the property access. You will need to provide Council with the Lot and DP number of your property which can be found on your Rates Notice.  If you do not know the Lot and DP of the property, please ensure that you have as much information as possible regarding the property location to assist Council in locating the property.

Approval to Operate Onsite Sewage M'gment System

All systems must be registered with Council and an approval to operate is required.

Building Certificate Application

Obtaining a Building Certificate  for a property is a way an owner, potential purchaser or a financial institution can be assured that the structural assets on the property are in reasonable repair, safe and have the approval of Council. The certificate is valid for a period of seven (7) years.

Caravan Park or Camping Ground Approval

Certificate Application - Planning (Section 149)

Planning Certificates provide information on the planning controls relating to any piece of land within the Council area.  A person may request a Planning Certificate for many different reasons but generally a Certificate will be requested when a property is to be redeveloped or sold. Great Lakes Council issues two types of Planning Certificates - a Section 149 (2) or Section 149 (2) & (5) Certificate. 

An S149 (2) Certificate provides you with mandatory information such as: the zoning of the land; whether there are any Draft Local Environmental Plan (LEP) Amendments; State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP's); Development Control Plans (DCP's); whether the land is affected by flooding, bush fire prone; whether complying development is permitted or not and any other restrictions etc that may apply to development of the land. 

An S149 (2) & (5) Certificate provides you with all of the information referred to above and may include additional advice on matters that relate to:  tree preservation orders; exhibited draft DCP's; flood levels; and any other matter that Council considers may be relevant to the development of the particular parcel of land.

Complying Development Certificate

A complying development means the development proposal is suitable for its location and complies with specific development standards. These proposals will require a complying development certificate to be issued by Council or a private certifier before work commences. An application for Complying Development can be lodged at our customer service centre or electronically through the Electronic Housing Code .

Construction Certificate

A person who has a development consent which involves any building work must obtain a construction certificate. It certifies that the detailed plans match the development consent and that the development meets building codes and standards, as well as certifying that consent conditions have been complied with and all fees have been paid.

Damage Bond Application

Your development application approval may require that you lodge a Damage Bond Application. This covers any necessary repairs to Council assets that may be damaged during the development/construction process and that haven't been repaired by the developer. The bond also ensures that the developer complies with Council standards and specifications in relation to driveway construction.

Development Application Form

See our 'What is a DA?' page for more information.

Development Checklist - Water Sensitive Design - Large Scale and Small Scale

These Water Sensitive Design checklists need to be submitted with your development application. Use the Small Scale list for allotment areas under 2000m2. Use the Large Scale checklist for allotment areas over 2000m2.

Dispose of Asbestos or Bulk Tyres Application

For any asbestos disposal or for bulk disposal of waste tyres in excess of 20 tyres or 200 kilos, customers are required to complete the application form below.

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required before asbestos disposal can occur.

Driveway Level Application

If you wish to construct a driveway or modify your existing driveway within the public road reserve, you are required to lodge either an Urban Driveway Levels Application or a Rural Driveway Levels Application, depending on your property zoning.

Exempt / Complying Development Code Application Form

You can use this form to apply for written response that a proposal complies with the exempt or complying development codes.

Fire Safety - Annual Fire Safety Statement Certificate

This states that each essential fire safety measure installed in the building or on the land has been assessed by a properly qualified person and was found, when it was assessed, to be capable of performing to a standard no less than that specified in the most recent Fire Safety Schedule.

Every twelve (12) months after the Fire Safety Certificate is issued, an Annual Fire Safety Statement must be prepared and forwarded to Council. The Statement must certify that a properly qualified person has inspected the building, assessed the fire safety measures, and found that the measure is capable of performing to the relevant standard.

Flood Level Certificate Application

This certificate will provide information on the availability and standard of flooding information. If Council possesses flood information for the subject land, the certificate will give an estimate level in Australian Height Data. It is limited to providing flood information that Council has in its possession in relation to flood studies or historical information and does not take into consideration Council's planning controls or policies. A flood level certificate provides estimates of current flooding and does not deal with the impacts of sea level rise.

Historic Building Report - Request Form

Historic Building Reports involve a report on the building approvals held on Council’s record for a property. The report will list the type and date of all building approvals, the dates of progress inspections together with inspection results.Use the form below to request the report.

Landscaping / Tree Bond Application

Your development application approval may require that you lodge a Landscaping / Tree bond Application.

Modification Request

If you need to make modifications to either your Construction Certificate or DA, use the request forms below.

Monumental Work in a Cemetery Application 

Fill in this form if you need to carry out monumental stonemason work in one of our cemeteries.

Occupation Certificate Application

This allows a person to occupy and use a new building or change the use of an existing building.  An occupation certificate must be issued by the Principal Certifying Authority on satisfactory completion of the development. It verifies that the building is suitable to occupy or use. An temporary interim certificate can be issued for partially completed works.

On-site Sewage Management System

All systems must be registered with Council and an approval to operate is required. Council approval is also required for an installation or alteration of a system.

Planning Proposal Application

Planning Proposals outline potential amendments to the local environmental plan. It explains the intended effect of a proposed local environmental plan (LEP) and sets out the justification for making that plan. See Council's policy on Planning Proposals.

Political Statement and Gifts Disclosure Statement

A disclosure of a political donation or gift will need to be made whenever a person or their associate lodges a planning application or makes a public submission about a planning application.

Public Engineering Works Permit

If you are constructing public / civil engineering works within a public road reserve or public open space, such as public road, footpath or kerb and gutter, as part of your development you are required to lodge a Public Engineering Works Permit Application.

Preliminary Assessment Request

The preliminary assessment provides a specific written report on your proposed development. There is a fee for this service based on the development value.

Alternatively, Council offers a free service via the the Development Assessment Panel (DAP). This is an informal meeting held in our Forster headquarters, allowing open discussion about your development. Find out more.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Request

This form applies for both food premises and for on-site sewage management systems.

Principal Certifying Authority Appointment

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is required to inspect the building work during the course of construction to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.  This PCA may be the Council or an accredited Private Certifier.  If you wish to appoint Council as the PCA, complete the Principal Certifying Authority Service appointment form below.

Relocatable Home / Rigid Annexe / Manufactured Home

Request for Determination of Dwelling Entitlement Rights

The zoning of the property will determine the circumstances where dwelling/houses may be erected on land. This shows the zoning and dwelling entitlement advice on a parcel of land.

Road Names Application - New

To apply to have a newly constructed road name approved, complete a New Road Name/s Application form and return it to Council at least 28 days prior to the lodgement of your final subdivision plans for assessment by Council.

Site Waste Minimisation Management Plan (SWMMP)

This is a waste management plan form that must be submitted with all Development Applications for building or demolition in order to minimise risk associated with waste management during all stages of the development.

Statement of Environmental Effects

A statement of environmental effects (SEE) is a written document which explains how a development has been designed to meet the requirements of any development control plans, any local environmental plans and to minimise the impact it may have. A statement of environmental effects is required to accompany all development applications.


In order to have Torrens Title and Community Title Subdivisions Plans approved and released from Council, you are required to lodge an Application for Subdivision Certificate with the required application fee and documentation as outlined in the application form.

If you are required to construct public engineering works, such as a public road, footpath, drainage or kerb and gutter, as part of a subdivision development, you are required to lodge a Subdivision Construction Certificate Application, along with payment of the relevant fees and Defects Liability Bond and the required plans and documentation as outlined in the application form.

Swimming Pool

Pool owners must register their swimming pool and/or spa pool in a State-wide pool register.Pool owners must also obtain a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate before they can sell or lease their property.  View the Swimming Pool Factsheet here(PDF, 31KB) .

Tree Removal Application

If you would like to remove a tree please complete the form below and submit it with payment.  Once received, the Tree Management Officer will undertake an inspection and you will receive written notification on the outcome.  This process can take up to three weeks from when the application is received.