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Planning Strategies and Studies

 Planning Strategies assist government in deciding where, what type, how much, and when growth and development should occur. Strategies consider the social and economic benefits of development and how this can be balanced with the protection of important environmental features and qualities of an area.

Planning Studies generally provide a more detailed assessment of development constraints and opportunities within a particular site or geographic area. Studies can also focus on investigating a particular planning issue, such as stormwater management or heritage.

The findings of studies and the recommendations of strategies are often used to inform changes to planning controls in the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 or the Great Lakes Development Control Plan.

Regional Strategies

The Department of Planning and Environment released the Mid-North Coast Regional Strategy in March 2009 which identifies potential urban and employment land release areas over the next 25 years (2006-2031).

The regional strategy also informs the preparation of Planning Proposals to amend Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014.

The Department also has Coastal Design Guidelines

Currently Adopted Local Strategies:

Planning Strategies and Studies adopted by Council can be used to inform the preparation of amendments to Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 the Great Lakes Development Control Plan.

Great Lakes Rural Living Strategy

The Rural Living Strategy identified opportunities and constraints for development in the rural areas of the Great Lakes, particularly close to towns, villages and major transport routes.

Forster & Tuncurry

North Tuncurry Development Project

This project proposes a mixture of development and conservation over approximately 615 ha of land north of Tuncurry, east of The Lakes Way.

The land is owned by the NSW Government and the project is being managed by Urban Growth NSW through an agreement with the State Government. You can also provide feedback to Urban Growth NSW at email address info@landcom.com.au

Forster Tuncurry Crown Harbour Project   

This project aimed to establish a 30 year management plan for Cape Hawke Harbour and the Crown lands along the foreshores of Forster and Tuncurry. The master plan was undertaken through a Memorandum of Understanding between the NSW Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) and Great Lakes Council. City Plan Services (CPS) were appointed consultant for the project. For more information visit www.lpma.nsw.gov.au

Tea Gardens & Hawks Nest Future Planning

Hawks Nest Town Centre Review

City Plan Services and Place Partners, reviewed the Hawks Nest business centre and other locations within the village. They determined where commercial or mixed use development opportunities may exist, and what planning controls may be applied to assist in the revitalisation of the town.

Important community input about the issues facing the business area, and ideas and visions for the future of Hawks Nest have been documented and used to develop a number of documents. These documents will help to guide positive short and long term change for the Hawks Nest business centre, along with a number of other key locations as identified by the community.

The documents along with an information report were presented to Council’s Strategic Committee Meeting on 2 December 2014 and are provided below.

Hard copies of the documents are also available for viewing at the Tea Gardens Customer Service Centre on Myall Street, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. (Excluding public holidays).

The next step in the project is the development of a Master Plan for Hawks Nest and further consultation on the recommendations and proposals in the Plan.

Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Conservation and Development Strategy

Several large sites in the Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest were identified for rezoning and development during the 1990's. Council and other government agencies recognised the need for a broad strategy to set a conservation and development framework, within the Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest area. As a direct result, the Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Conservation and Development Strategy was prepared.

Urban Design and Density Review for Forster/Tuncurry and Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest

The Forster/Tuncurry & Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Urban Design and Density Review was undertaken as a follow-on from the preparation of Housing Strategies for Forster/Tuncurry and Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest.

The Report identified planning and assessment deficiencies for high and medium density residential development and the town centre urban designs.

The report also identified gaps in Council's strategic work program including land use planning, transport assets, main street programs and the provision of affordable housing

The recommendations from the review have been introduced into our planning instruments, and other operational and delivery programs.


Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest: