The Great Lakes Heritage Study

In partnership with the NSW Heritage Branch and the local community, Council prepared the Great Lakes Heritage Study (2007). The study identified existing and potential heritage items and heritage conservation areas in the Great Lakes.

The aims of the Study were to:

  • Conserve the heritage significance of the natural and built environment and to ensure new development is in keeping with existing heritage values.
  • Provide guidance for development in relation to heritage items and heritage conservation areas (existing and proposed).
  • Encourage an understanding of heritage significance and promote the conservation of heritage within the Great Lakes. 

 Developments that affect heritage items, are proposed on properties near a heritage item, or are located within a heritage conservation area, all need to consider the requirements of Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 and the Great Lakes Development Control Plan planning rules.

A review of the Great Lakes Heritage Study and heritage information in the Great Lakes Development Control Plan is being undertaken in 2015.

Review of Heritage Study – Currently Underway 

Council, with assistance from its Heritage Advisor, is currently undertaking a review of its 2003 Heritage Study.

The purpose of the review is two-fold; firstly to ensure that heritage items within the 2003 study are still relevant, and secondly to determine if there are any additional heritage items not already identified, that should be considered for listing.

We are currently in the process of writing out to owners of properties which it considers to have heritage values to seek their endorsement for a local heritage listing. 

What's the next step?

Once Council has considered the views of the property owners and looked at the heritage significance of each item in question, a final list will be reported to Council with a recommendation to formally heritage list these items.

Your Heritage Questions Answered

Are you the owner of a heritage item or a property within a heritage conservation area? Confused about what changes you can make to your property? Have an idea about what you would like to do with your heritage property but don’t know where to start? We can help.

We've produced a number of brochures to assist you with works to your heritage property:

If you have any ideas on heritage in the Great Lakes, please run them past us. Council’s Heritage Advisor can provide specific heritage advice. Contact Council for more information.    

For more details on heritage listings: