Planning Agreements

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Planning Agreements

A Planning Agreement (PA) is an agreement between a developer, and a planning authority (Council, Minster, development corporation or other public authority).

Planning Agreements are usually prepared with a zoning application or a development application where the developer is required to:

  • Dedicate land free of cost ;-
  • Pay a monetary contribution ;- or
  • Provide a form of material public benefit - for a public purpose such as amenities, services, infrastructure, or environmental improvement.

Planning agreements and must be publicly exhibited for a minimum of 28 days before they can be  entered into by the developer or the public authority, and acted upon.

Current Planning Agreements

 Planning Agreements

 Related LEP / Development Application

Seven Mile Beach Holdings Planning Agreement(PDF, 684KB)

 Great Lakes LEP Amendment No. 45

Planning Agreement beween Council and R L & S C Wilson, North Tuncurry

(Due to the file size Council is unfortunately unable to include the entire document on the website.  The full Agreement is available for viewing from Council.)

Development Application No. 1105/05

5-9 Wallis Street, Forster Planning Agreement(PDF, 552KB)

 Development Application No.106/2012

North Shearwater Planning Agreement(PDF, 1MB)

 Great Lakes LEP No. 70

Council & Davglade Pty Ltd Planning Agreement(PDF, 3MB)

 Great Lakes LEP No. 36

Lot 15 Carmona Drive Planning Agreement(PDF, 2MB)

 Great Lakes LEP No. 52

Pacific Palms Planning Agreements (5):

 Lot 114 DP 1103145, Blueys Beach Planning Agreement(PDF, 2MB)

 Lot 191 DP 226108, Boomerang Beach Planning Agreement(PDF, 1MB)

 Lot 6 DP 811686, Boomerang Beach Planning Agreement(PDF, 1MB)

 Lot 19 DP 710308, Elizabeth Beach Planning Agreement(PDF, 2MB)

 Lot 41 & 42 DP 1070195, Boomerang Beach Planning Agreement(PDF, 2MB)

 Great Lakes LEP No 82

Tropic Gardens Drive, Smiths Lake Planning Agreement(PDF, 9MB)

 Great Lakes LEP No. 72

Proposed Planning Agreements

The documents listed below include all proposed Planning Agreements prepared in association with a development proposal which are either currently on exhibition, or already through the process of public exhibition - but not yet adopted by Council.
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