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Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is a document that recommends a change in the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014. It explains why the change is necessary, and how that change will affect a site, development, or control. If a new map or clause is required in the LEP, it shows what will be changed.

The Gateway Process

All Planning Proposals go through the Department of Planning and Environment's Gateway Determination Process. The Department assesses the social, economic or environmental benefit of a proposal. Then an amendment to the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 can be considered.

The process may be summarised as follows:

1) Planning proposal - adopted by council then sent to the Department of Planning and Environment.

2) Gateway - The planning proposal is received by the Department, and a report is prepared for the Minister's consideration.

3) The Minister (or delegate) decides if the planning proposal can proceed, if any additional studies are needed, and the minimum level of consultation required with the community and relevant public authorities. 

4) If necessary the Planning Proposal may be altered as a result of the Gateway Determination requirements. 

5) Community consultation - the proposal must be publicly exhibited in accordance with the gateway determination. Normally, low impact proposals are exhibited for a minimum of 14 days, others for a minimum of 28 days.

6) A person making a submission may also request that a formal public hearing be held. A public hearing is normally only required when public land is being rezoned or reclassified. 

7) Assessment - The relevant planning authority considers submissions from the public and public agencies. Amendments to the exhibited proposal may be made as a result of submissions.

8) Council adopts the final Planning Proposal.

9) The Planning Proposal is then sent to the Department of Planning and Environment for the Minister (or delegate) to make and formally amend the LEP.

10) Decision - When the Minister (or delegate) approves the plan, it becomes law (Great Lakes LEP 2014) and is published on the NSW legislation website.

How to apply to Council for Planning Proposal

A Planning Proposal may be lodged in accordance with Council's policy below.

Reference should also be made to Part 3 Division 4 of the EPA Act, Part 2 of the EPA regulations, and the Department of Planning and Environment's requirements for Local Environmental Plans, available at

Applications submitted to Council will need to be accompanied by a completed application form and necessary fees:

Current Planning Proposals

The documents listed below include all proposed amendments to the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan that are currently going through the gateway process described above.

 Planning Proposals


 Planning Proposal for Forster Civic Precinct (PP-SP-37)

On public exhibition

17-5-2017 to 16-6-2017

 Planning Proposal for Hawks Nest village zoning

Exhibition closed.     Submissions being considered.

 Southern Parkway - Drainage and Road 

Exhibition Closed

 Planning Proposal for the Short Term Holiday Rental of Dwellings

Exhibition closed

Coastal Risk - Planning Proposal, Draft Coastal Management Plans and Draft Amended Development Controls

Draft Coastal Zone Management Plans

Coastal Zone Management Plans provide an implementation framework for adaptation and management within areas of coastal risk. Community comment and input is sought on the following Plans:

Draft Jimmy's Beach CZMP:

Draft Great Lakes CZMP:

Coastal Hazard Studies that have previously been adopted by Council have also informed the preparation of the coastal risk mapping and the preparation of Draft Coastal Zone Management Plans.

Planning Proposal

Council is exhibiting a planning proposal which will amend existing areas and identify additional areas of coastal risk on the Great Lakes coast line. Community comment and feedback is sought on the following documents, which form part of the Planning Proposal or supporting information: 

Draft Amended Development Controls for Coastal Risk Planning Areas

Council is also exhibiting Draft Amendments to the Great Lakes Development Control Plan(PDF, 554KB)  (DCP) for community consideration and comment. The aim of the DCP amendments is to provide clear controls for subdivision and development within Coastal Risk Planning Areas. 

If these controls are adopted by Council, they would replace the existing Great Lakes DCP Section 4.3 Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion(PDF, 53KB) provisions and Council's existing Policies: 

Exhibition closed - DCP provisions  adopted 8 March 2016

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