There are three forms of subdivision which may be undertaken:

1) Torrens Title Subdivisions - As a rule of thumb, Torrens Title Subdivision applies where the development is over ground level only e.g. side-by-side dual occupancy.

2) Community Title Subdivisions - Community Title Subdivision is usually for larger development which involves the creation of common property e.g. recreational facilities which may be used by all residents.

3) Strata Title Subdivisions - Strata Title Subdivision may be applied for when the development affects more than one level e.g. tall buildings.

You must submit a development application to Council for any subdivision work requiring consent under the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan (GLLEP) 2014.

Before lodging a subdivision development application, you will need to refer to the Great Lakes Development Control Plan.

Construction of Roads and Associated Infrastructure

If you need to construct public engineering works, such as a public road, footpath, drainage or kerb and gutter, as part of a subdivision development, you are required to lodge a Subdivision Construction Certificate Application, along with payment of the relevant fees and Defects Liability Bond and the required plans and documentation as outlined in the application form.

In addition, if you have constructed a new road as part of your subdivision, you will be required to apply to Council to name this new road. 

Council's Design and Construction Specifications

Construction plans and specifications are to be lodged in accordance with the requirements of the Council's Design and Construction Specifications. These are available to view and download below in final draft form.

Approval and Release of Subdivision Plans From Council

Once you have completed the application process and complied with all of the conditions outlined in your development consent, you will need to have your subdivision plans approved and released from Council so that you can lodge the plans with the Land Titles Office.

In order to have Torrens Title and Community Title Subdivisions Plans approved and released from Council, you are required to lodge an Application for Subdivision Certificate with the required application fee and documentation as outlined in the application form. For Strata Title Subdivision, you are not required to lodge this certificate. 

Section 94 Development Contributions

Council applies development contributions as conditions of consent where it considers the development is likely to increase demand for local infrastructure such as roads, drainage, recreation and community facilities.

These contributions are normally paid by developers on each lot; at the "linen plan release - subdivision certificate" stage for residential subdivision, or before a construction certificate is released for non-residential. Private home builders don't normally pay contributions unless they are building an additional dwelling on an existing lot which increases the demand for local infrastructure, such as a duplex.

In the Great Lakes, contributions range from $11,500 to $18,000 a lot, which is considered good value for coastal regions.

Section 94 Contributions are only applied in accordance with formally exhibited and adopted Section 94 Development Contributions Plans, and the funds collected may only be spent on the facilities described in those Plans

The following Contributions Plans are in place:

A summary of all information required to estimate the amount payable for particular developments is in the guide below.

Council takes population statistics and forecasts into consideration when developing Contribution Plans.

You can also view Council's policy "Section 94 Development Contributions Assessment" on the Policy Register.