Planning Rules

What is The LEP and The DCP?

The LEP is legislation made by the Minister for Planning. It says ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as to what development that can be done on a site/in a zone. It also says what must be considered in a development application e.g. flooding, coastal risk, heritage, building height etc.

The DCP is a document adopted by the elected Council which provides more detailed controls for development. It provides controls on how you build or develop in a way that satisfies the requirements in the LEP. The controls ensure a development fits-in with the desired character of an area and aim to minimise impacts on the environment.

While there is limited flexibility with LEP rules, the DCP can be varied by Council, if there are strong grounds, because it is ‘our own' document.

Proposed Changes:

To see proposed changes to the LEP, please visit the Planning Proposals page.

You can view any proposed changes to the DCP on the DCP Amendments page.